How social distancing may affect how we handle your claim

15 October 2021
Our dedicated claims team are all operating from home offering you and your customers our usual award-winning service.  
However, social distancing does throw up a few challenges for us, and our specialist partners, when it comes to helping our customers get back on their feet following damage to property. 
 Here is how we are handling the current situation together with our partners:

  • The need to protect customers and staff is paramount so we will only look to visit a site where it is essential to do so and steps need to be taken to support the customer or mitigate the risk of damage getting worse.
  • The triage process has evolved to increase risk assessments virtually, checking first on the customers own situation, their health and vulnerability to the virus. Many can then use technology to video stream, allowing an immediate assessment of the claim and next steps to be determined together with the customer. 
  • Where the customer requires immediate assistance, then visits to site are continuing and fall within the framework set out by the HM Government where works or actions are considered to be essential to enable customers to continue the same occupation of their homes and premises. 
  • Where operating within a customer’s property, our suppliers are explaining the need for social distancing to operate, and to occupy other rooms of the property if they are to remain on site. Where close proximity is unavoidable, suppliers are utilising Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which again is providing reassurance to both the customers and supplier staff.
  • Occasionally, multiple supplier staff are required and steps have been taken to ensure that individuals travel separately.
  • Our solicitors continue to work remotely, and while there may be minimal impact on their work productivity, court hearings may be postponed or need to adopt technology to hold virtual attendance by parties. 
  • Some contractors are able to continue where work is on non-habited properties and they can run single trades or observe social distancing. 
  • With many retailers closed some areas can be challenging, for example flooring supplies are particularly limited at present.
We are grateful to all of our customers for your understanding and cooperation in these challenging times.