Boxing Day flood at Brooklands Museum

02 July 2018

Brooklands, based in Weybridge is the birthplace of British sport and aviation, home of Concorde and the site of many engineering and technological achievements. As a result of unprecedented rainfall on Christmas Day 2013 the River Wey burst its banks on Boxing Day and flooded a number of museum buildings, including some crucial to its central operation.

Battling to open

After initial contact was made, Ecclesiastical immediately coordinated the arrival of a team of experts to assess any damage and coordinate the clean-up, repair and re-opening.

Experts assemble

  • A Project Manager
  • Technical expert
  • And recovery team.
It was essential to assess the damage as quickly as possible as New Year’s Day is a big date in the Brooklands Museum calendar.
The event involves members of the public and classic car owners gathering to see displays of classic, vintage and veteran cars, motor cycles and commercial vehicles. Work to get the business back up and running as soon as possible got underway to ensure that Brooklands Museum was able to open for this popular day which is a significant contributor to Brooklands’ revenue.
As the flood waters receded, work was prioritised over the Christmas period and focused on drying out the buildings in time for New Year’s Day. The cleaning and drying of the buildings continued and repairs to the fabric of many of the buildings were then started.