Addressing climate change not only benefits our planet but your business

03 July 2023

Net Zero is the term given to the Government backed aim to reduce emissions - a target that’s been set for the UK by 2050. This relies on businesses across every part of the economy taking steps to reduce emissions to as close to zero as possible.

According to our latest research, 23% of brokers don’t know how to reduce their future climate impact.1 That’s’ why we’ve collaborated with independent consultancy Eunomia, to help you to unpack the jargon to achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes.

In under an hour our webinar recording will cover:

  • Climate science & climate terminology – what does the jargon all mean?
  • Declarations of climate emergency & global agreements – what do we need to do?
  • What is expected of businesses in the UK – what can you do?
  • What are the benefits to your business?

If you would like to look at how to become net zero, contact Eunomia – an independent consultancy dedicated to helping our clients to achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes.

1 FWD Climate Change Study March 2022

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