Better Differentiation = Better Sales

24 May 2022

Get the latest Andy Bounds perspective on how to drive sales by putting the needs of customers first.

Andy has developed a simple approach to selling so you can differentiate yourself from competitors and successfully win more new business. We've chosen to work with Andy Bounds because of his straight forward and energetic approach to helping you win more sales.

In 55 minutes, you'll add client value, avoid a fight on price and win you more work - without doing more work. So make sure you block out some time and don't miss out!

In this webinar recording you'll learn:

  • Right Mindset: Framing your conversations around the customer's needs, not about you.
  • Right Person: How to make sure you're talking to the right decision-maker at the right time.
  • Right Words: Turning every conversation into a mutually beneficial revenue platform that the customer trusts.
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If you would like to explore how difference defines success, contact Andy Bounds -one of the UK's leading sales training specialists.

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