Schemes webinar - How we can help you grow a profitable scheme

16 December 2020

Developing a scheme all starts with working with the right insurance partner. Watch the video of our webinar to see how we can help you grow a profitable scheme.

Identifying and developing a new insurance scheme helps you capitalise on new market opportunities. Transferring an existing scheme to a partner who shares your ambition can take your scheme to another level. Selecting the right insurer ensures your scheme has a strong backing to sustain profitability.

We’ve been working successfully in the schemes space for over 30 years. We have specialist experience and a broad risk appetite plus the proven processes and track record to make sure you have the optimal underwriting fit for your scheme.

In our webinar, Tony Fletcher, Corporate Business Director and members of our schemes team outline the steps we take to make every scheme a success.

  • What makes a good underwriting schemes team? Total team focus with no distractions – this is what we do.
  • Schemes mean bespoke business. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We know that your customers want robust, sustainable and dynamic policies that directly address their needs.
  • A schemes journey that’s quick, smooth and collaborative: our Six-Step approach runs full lifecycle across planning, timing, marketing, underwriting, compliance, pricing and on-going oversight.
  • Our culture of continuous improvement gives you complete peace of mind that we’re always aiming to add value and improve your scheme’s growth performance.
We have a broad appetite for schemes business – because your business is our business. Watch the webinar to find out how we go the extra mile for you - to make good, great.

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