Why’s the sales process important? with Chris Davies from Bullpen Consultancy

Part one - why a sales process is important to provide clients with better outcomes.

Summary: When Ecclesiastical interviews candidates for sales roles, we ask: what is your sales process? Often, the response is around an unspecified relationship-building strategy. Chris Davies of Bullpen Consulting has conceptualised a bespoke sales process model whose stages ensure not only that you as a broker are doing the best you can do, but also that the prospective client is receiving the best experience. In this episode, Chris explains how this process is multifaceted and thus multi-beneficial; it is transactional, but also assists in building and sustaining relationships. The notion of a sales model is by no means unique, but Chris’ POLICY model is specifically tailored to the insurance industry. In our next discussion, we’ll explore each of the stages denoted by this acronym.

Quote: “A greater understanding of the sales process can boost your confidence in conversations with clients and ultimately procure success both for the broker, and also for the client. It affords a backbone, a guide, something to fall back on when things don’t go to plan, and it helps ensure that the customer gets the most out of this conversation, which is surely the most important thing.”


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Run time: 6.36

About the guest:

Chris Davies is a highly experienced consultant and advisor in the insurance industry, who, during the pandemic, founded Bullpen Consultancy Ltd. Bullpen provides training and coaching for various professions within the specialist insurance sector, endeavouring to help companies grow by helping their people grow. Ecclesiastical has used Bullpen’s services in a coaching webinar delivered to our brokers earlier this year.

About the host:

Chris Withers, Broker Distribution Director at Ecclesiastical, is responsible for developing Ecclesiastical’s proposition for its broker partners, leading the sales team and for building even stronger relationships with brokers. Having joined the company in 2015 Chris has over 25 years’ of wide-ranging insurance industry experience, having worked at Covea and RSA prior to joining Ecclesiastical.

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