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Young Gloucestershire

About the charity

Young Gloucestershire was formed back in 1941 with the merger of two earlier youth organisations, and now works with thousands of young people in the county every year.

Much of what its staff of around sixty do involves mental-health support, mentoring and helping teenagers with training or employment opportunities through a network of local hubs in Gloucester, Tewkesbury, and Cheltenham.

It also provides school holiday activities for deprived young people and their families and operates a thriving Youth Board which offers young people the chance to get together, have their voices heard, and make a difference in their communities – while having fun at the same time.

‘We are a youth work charity. We work with vulnerable and marginalised people aged from eleven to twenty-five, of whom there are unfortunately a growing number in Gloucestershire.’

YG fundraiser Karl Gwilliam

How will this donation help?

‘Donations such as this one from Endsleigh and Ecclesiastical are absolutely crucial – without supporters like these it would obviously be impossible for us to continue doing the work we do, and we’re very grateful to them for that support.’

The money will help Young Gloucestershire to support hundreds of youngsters each year who are struggling with their mental health, helping them with everything from dealing with suicidal ideation and psychosis to lower-level issues around anxiety and the need for practical and emotional support.

‘Most of our work at the moment is helping young people with poor mental health. Last year, we worked with 645 people on our mental health programmes alone, it’s the biggest issue we face, and it has certainly got worse since the lockdowns and other measures were brought in around Covid.

‘There’s a whole generation coming through which has missed a lot of schooling, which has suffered in terms of social life – which has exacerbated issues like anxiety and loneliness. Unfortunately, it all ties together.’

Young Gloucestershire were nominated by Endsleigh Insurance

‘Young Gloucestershire is doing an important job with marginalised young people in the county, and it has been great to be able to link up with Ecclesiastical via Closer To You to help in this way.’

Paul Garrett, Head of Strategic Relations at Endsleigh Insurance

‘We’re really pleased to be able to help the charity in partnership with Endsleigh – there’s a real crisis in Gloucestershire and beyond which charities like Young Gloucestershire are doing a sterling job to combat.’

Phil Edwards, Strategic Account Manager at Ecclesiastical.

Visit the charity: Young Gloucestershire